Sunday, 25 May 2014

Yoga at the Clarity Centre!

I'm so excited to say that I've finally found a yoga studio that I absolutely LOVE.
Over the last few months, Julia and I have been trying out a lot of different yoga classes offered by various studios around our homes. We have also been very apprehensive about spending a lot to attend a yoga class, because we can't guarantee if we will really like it. I happened to be browsing local classes and stumbled upon a coupon for one free class at The Clarity Centre.

I showed Julia the class list for The Clarity Centre, and there were so many different classes we were interested. We decided to head down to the studio to check it out.
The second we walked in the door, we both noticed how different the studio was then other studios we had been to. A lot of other studios seem like they only cater to hardcore yogis, and aren't interested in beginners. The Clarity Centre was completely different. Crystal, the manager, greeted us at the door and showed us around the place.
Julia and I then went to our first class and instantly we were hooked. Our instructor, Yuki, was approachable and helpful. She was very willing to tell us more about the practice of yoga and reiki. Julia and I ended up staying an extra hour talking to her and Crystal.
Crystal and Yuki weren't just exceptions, the whole staff at The Clarity Centre have

been wonderful. The classes are focused on improving your yoga ability, and the teachers are quick to provide individual assistance if a student looks like they are struggling. Another teacher is Denise, and her classes fill up so quickly! She is incredibly upbeat, and makes yoga so much fun.  Her classes are great for learning about yoga and the poses!

Spenser is a younger teacher, and I think that's why Julia and I have so much fun in her classes.  They are definitely the most challenging, but also so rewarding.  We went to her Introduction to Handstand class, and Julia is now almost a pro at handstands! I am not even close, but Spenser was so patient and helpful that I can't wait to try again!

One of my favourite classes was with Che, and it was the Yoga Therapy Class.  In this class we did Laughing Yoga, which I was surprised actually made me feel better. This class put me in such a good mood, and to really want to educate myself on the practice of yoga and meditation.  And now I can say with one hundred percent certainty that laughing really does make everything better!

I never feel like anyone is making fun of me or judging me.  I leave class feeling supported and much more positive, and I have even been able to meditate a few times!

I've been going to the Clarity Centre for over a month now, and I can now officially say that I am hooked on yoga! I've tried many different classes, and I've noticed that my balance and posture is already starting to get better.

The Clarity Centre offers three studios, one hot yoga room, one regular room and one "bliss", or cooler, room. 

Not only do they offer yoga here, but there are so many other cool things to check out.  They offer spinning classes, pilates, a ropewall and aerial yoga (which Julia and I are dying to try).  They also have different workshops, RMT and Reiki!

 It's so nice to finally have found a yoga home!  Everyday I'm excited to go to the studio and leave all my emotions on my mat.  I'm excited to keep furthering my practice of yoga! f you are ever in the Oakville area and are looking for a new Yoga Studio to try out, I would definitely recommend my yoga studio, The Clarity Centre.

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  1. Agree with everything above, the Clarity Centre is great! Love the variety of classes they offer and the teachers are awesome.